120ml Nano Car Scratch Removal Spray


120ml Nano Car Scratch Removal Spray

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The 120ml Nano Car Scratch Removal Spray allows you to easily remove years of scratches from your car's finish. This long lasting spray is perfect for getting scratches out of the watch box or other hard-to-reach places - giving them a new, sparkling finish! So why wait? Make your car look brand new again with this amazing Nano Car Scratch Removal Spray!
Keep your car looking as good as new with the 120ml Nano Car Scratch Removal Spray! Take the worry out of removing scratches from your car's finish - no matter how old or small - with this easy to apply spray. Plus, the precision nozzle makes it simple to get into those hard-to-reach places, so that the watch box can sparkle like new! Don't miss out on a brand new car finish - pick up your Nano Car Scratch Removal Spray today!


  • Condition: Brand New

  • Name: Car Scratch Repair Spray

  • Net content: 120ml

  • Removes Any Scratch/Mark: Instantly removes any scratches, birds drops, stone chips, iron

    powder(caused by oxidation), water spots, fades and any stains from your paint.

  • Shine Restore: Leaves a stunning shiny glossy without waxing or damaging your car's paint. No No

    unsightly white wax mark will be left!

  • 9H Ceramic Coating: Applies advanced coating technology to provide ultra hydrophobic coating which

    significantly reduces water stain, weathering, dirt and debris build-up, giving your car a long-lasting, easy-to-clean result.

  • Long-lasting: Contains no harmful chemicals. Leaves a non-greasy, odourless finishes that generally lasts for at least 3 months.

  • Wide Usage: Blendable for any car paint color. Works on various surfaces including wheels, paint,

    metal, plastic, rubber, leather, engine and even carpet.

  • Easy 2-step Application: Just spray and wipe to bring your car back to its perfect condition!

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